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Reiki Drum

Combining Reiki & Drumming creates the Reiki Drum technique

A method of utilising the drum to introduce Reiki energy into the person’s energy field to bring about deep relaxation  & thereby releasing deep seated tensions and achieving balance. The drum rhythm reminds the body of it’s optimal energetic vibration.

The Reiki Drum Technique incorporates 3 methods:

1. A Reiki Drum Healing Session lasts for a shorter period of time than a normal Reiki session. The practitioner gently drums over the body of the client. The drumming is followed by normal hands on Reiki to help integrate the Drum Healing.

One of my recent clients who had back issues stated “it’s like sitting in a jacuzzi the vibrations really helped to soothe my back”.


2. Reiki Drum Mental Reprogramming is a way of treating negative habits or natural tendencies. The technique can be used to overcome bad habits, to focus the mind on something important or for achieving a goal. Drumming facilitates the energetic shift necessary to positively affect the subconscious mind. The client focuses their mind on the issue in question whilst the practitioner drums gently over their body. After a period of time, the practitioner incorporates normal hands on Reiki to integrate the healing.

There is homework with this one and you’ll be expected to use positive affirmations on a daily basis to reinforce the reprogramming.


3. The Reiki Drum Journey is a technique to facilitate altered consciousness for the client to access information for change in any area of their life. It can be used for healing personal issues, career concerns, relationship problems, accessing the client’s inner wisdom and tuning into spiritual guidance. This technique can be exceptionally empowering and healing on all levels.

Particularly good if you want to connect with guides or power animals.

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