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Benefits of Reiki

Take Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing

Reiki treatments draw upon the unlimited reserves of universal life force energy and direct these to the energy body of a client in order to stimulate their immune system and the body’s own repair systems. This in turn will help the health of the client to improve and tackle any problem for which they are seeking a cure.

Reiki energy will help to remove blockages in the energy body, open energy channels and ensure a positive connection to the natural forces which are working all around us to keep us healthy.

Reiki is particularly effective working on emotional problems and can help produce some very positive results when working with issues such as depression and guilt. A connection with Reiki can produce life-changing shifts within a person’s behaviour. It works very gently but in an unstoppable, positive way. The energy can often be likened to water which is soft enough to take the shape of any vessel into which it is poured and at the same time is hard enough to cut through mountains and form features such as Grand Canyon .

A session will usually end with a significant feeling of general well being as well as an improvement in the client’s complaint. The energy will continue to work for several hours/days following the treatment, continuing the beneficial results achieved.

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