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What to expect

In a professional and therapeutic setting, we talk through a brief summary of your problems. This is optional however it does help me to understand the issues you’re currently facing. You then lay down on the therapy bed (fully clothed – shoes removed) whilst gentle music plays in the background allowing you to relax and unwind for the session.

I always sit behind the client’s head, putting my hands either side of the head, before periodically placing the hands around the head (rest assured, after the first 10 seconds you get used to it and it feels comfortable, safe and warm) before moving to the neck, shoulders and finally finishing by gently holding the feet.

With the exception of the head, neck, shoulders, and feet, generally no other contact will be made with your body.  All permissions for contact will be discussed before the session commences and can be changed or left out if people do not feel comfortable with the placing on of hands. This will not adversely affect the healing energy and its destination within the body.

During this time of healing, I will be in silent meditation. The Reiki energy will then start travelling into my hands as a hot tingly sensation and will often be felt by the client straight away.

The client will often be pleasantly aware of energy movements through their body and some may see colours.


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